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“There is always a bridge where two worlds meet”

– The 8th Fire

As a cellular and molecular biologist, with over a decade of training in ancient healing practices, I founded Scientive to act as a bridge between mainstream science and spiritual practices, physical and non-physical, seen and unseen, mundane and mystical.

I believe…

…that both the seen and unseen dimensions of human experience must coexist if we are to understand our nature, free ourselves from suffering, and live the life we want and love.

…that scientists should not be afraid to study the subjective aspects of human biology on the grounds that such aspects are inconsistent with modern science’s materialistic ideology.

…that the ability to walk in two worlds is a great advantage since it expands our capacity to:

  • explain biological phenomena from a holistic point of view
  • (re)discover the part heart, mind, and soul play in the core fabric of our human experience, nature, and the universe


Our ability to perceive physical matter cannot provide the sole basis for our knowledge of the world.


His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, An open heart (2002)
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My invitation is to explore deeper levels of human experience—those that are not so apparent to our senses—to transcend the limitations we have imposed on ourselves by interpreting the world through our ability to observe it.

Isabelle Goulet, PhD


Scientist embracing the (re)emergence and integration into mainstream science of the knowledge and wisdom that has been preserved and held in ancient mind-body-spirit practices.

Cellular and molecular biologist specializing in epigenetics and cancer biology (University of Ottawa, 2011).

Visit the Manifesto for Open Sciences for more information about post-materialistic science.

Shamanic Practitioner

Over the last ten years, I have been training in ancient heart, mind, and soul-centered forms of self-care, harnessing the body’s natural ability to restore and maintain optimal health.

The ancient ways of understanding health and wellness and their associated healing practices were transmitted through:

  • apprenticeships with medicine men and women
  • direct experiential shamanic training with plant teachers through the ancient Amazonian practice of plant dieta
  • folk medicine wisdom passed down from my ancestors


I have contributed to two collective works with peers from the scientific community: Expanding Science and Spiritual Awakenings.

Stay tuned, my own book is coming very soon!

Walking in

Two Worlds

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by small things. I grew up spending countless hours collecting specimens and observing them with my microscope. This is why I first decided to study microbiology before moving on to study the cellular and molecular biology of cancer.

During my graduate studies, I became aware of the limitations of mainstream science, and I came to the realization that truly innovative health advances would require a daring new perspective on human biology. I started to seek out non-conventional practices to gain a more holistic understanding of the healing processes of the human body. After a year of traveling, during which I met with traditional medicine practitioners and healers, I began my training on the ancient mind-body-spirit healing practices to explore the body’s inner ability to heal. Little did I know, as a little girl, that my passion for small “invisible” things would lead me to the infinite potential of the universe…

Completing this training unquestionably changed my perspective on our body’s inner workings, but it was, above all, a profound and unexpected life-changing and empowering experience for me. As I learned to track down, face, and heal my deepest wounds, I discovered that I could choose not to be the victim of my painful experiences anymore; that I had the power to resolve them at their root; and as a result, to steer my life in the direction of the inner peace, love, and joy that I sought. This healing journey provided me with both a new “inlook” and a new outlook on myself and others, our consciousness, and our relationships with all life in an interconnected world and universe.

It is with a grateful heart and a grateful mind that I can now share this wisdom with you.

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Our Lady who Prevents Interference, Mother Mary, who loves me unconditionally, I call upon your healing grace, divine protection, love and assistance, now and always. Be with me, block all obstruction on my path of love. My heart and focus dwell upon you, bathed in your holy grace. May all beings be happy and free. So it is, so it is, and it is so. — Alana Fairchild, Mother Mary Oracle

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