Your negative experiences do not have to define who you are and to drive your life for you. You can choose not to be their victim anymore: to track their sources down, to own them, and to heal them at their root. You have the power to transform your deepest past hurts and wounds into wisdom to steer your life in the direction of the well-being, love, joy, and fulfillment that you seek.

During a session, we help you help yourself with integrated energy (1) work rooted in the Algonquin healing tradition. We act as guides to facilitate your own healing work with your own energy (2) using energy medicine, shamanic journeying, and space clearing tools designed to bring balance to all aspects of your being:

  • physical / material
  • mental / intellectual
  • emotional / relational
  • spiritual / cultural

What to expect?

A typical session lasts one hour. We can meet face-to-face, by telephone, Skype, or FaceTime. During your session, we talk about the sources of stress in your life, your health history, and other issues that you feel have an influence on your emotional and physical well-being. The information you share with us helps us determine the protocols that are most appropriate for your situation. There is no physical contact as part of the work we perform.

You may experience emotional and physical responses to the work during the session and for a short period afterwards. Such responses are common and are a sign that the healing process is underway.

While a single session may be enough to resolve an issue, a series of sessions may be required to delve deeper into your symptoms and your life experience.

1 Consciousness is first and foremost information. Energy does not convey information, but modulations in the field do (such as frequencies and signals). Therefore, technically speaking, a more accurate term than energy healing would be ‘field healing’. [Schwartz, Gary (2008). The Energy Healing Experiments: Science Reveals Our Natural Power to Heal. Atria Books, 272 pages.]
2 The energy medicine services we offer are not ‘therapy’ and we do not ‘channel’ energy.

  • Christina, Ottawa

    I've been different since the whole experience

    I was introduced to Isabelle and her work through a friend and I’d always been curious regarding energy work and spirituality, so I jumped on the opportunity to meet with her. The way my friend was talking about Isabelle really gave me a good feeling about the whole anticipated interaction. I was not let down. Isabelle chatted with me like we were friends and totally took her work seriously. She did some energy work for me and I can honestly say that I’ve been different since the whole experience. It’s a weird thing to explain but I feel more fluid in my day to day actions and some situations I used to have trouble with come more easily. I’m not trying to sell anyone a product but if you’re open to this type of experience, I would highly recommend Isabelle. She makes you comfortable and radiates caring. Definitely going to be a repeat customer.
    Christina, Ottawa
  • Monique, Montréal

    Definitely improved my tinnitus

    I greatly appreciate your services. Our sessions together have definitely improved my tinnitus and I have made amazing journeys! Thank you Isabelle.
    Monique, Montréal
  • Andrew, Ottawa

    I have experienced the most powerful and transformative healing sessions

    I highly recommend Isabelle! Throughout several years of training and experiencing healing sessions from Isabelle I have found her to be remarkably effective. She feels in her own body her client's issue or emotional state. This intuitive information along with her open heartedness and extensive training allows her to accurately identify what needs correction and to facilitate deep healing. I have myself experienced the most powerful and transformative healing sessions with Isabelle and continue to benefit from working with her.
    Andrew, Ottawa
  • Raymond, Ottawa

    Being able to work on the core of the issue helped me a lot

    I was at first skeptical of the services Isabelle offers, but her solid scientific background and the objectivity I felt she had toward her practice and beliefs appealed to me. The approach she proposed to help me connect with myself in a more holistic way made sense to me. My experience with Isabelle was completely different than anything I had tried before. It is not a passive experience: you control the work yourself, whether she guides you through a journey or performs energy work. Being able to work on “information” at the core of the issue helped me a lot then and still do today!
    Raymond, Ottawa
  • Suzanne, Ottawa

     My relationships with myself and others have changed a lot

    I have been working with Isabelle for over a year now. She has helped me greatly to improve the quality of my life. We have worked not only on physical issues but also on emotional concerns. We have identified and healed old patterns that were limiting my capacity to fully enjoy life. My relationships with myself and others have changed a lot and I am very grateful to Isabelle for it. I truly enjoy working with her. She is very professional, kind, respectful, and effective. I also like the fact that she has a scientific background and is able to handle any questions that my logic mind may raise. Energy medicine is an area where it is very important to find the right person to help you. Isabelle has my full trust and I highly recommend her. If you want to see positive changes in your life, I strongly suggest that you consider enlisting the help of Scientive.
    Suzanne, Ottawa
  • Jocelyne, Sainte-Jeanne-d'Arc

    I feel wrapped into an amazing energy

    The healing sessions I receive from Isabelle are very powerful. Each time, I feel wrapped into an amazing and beneficial energy. I am thankful for the services I receive from Isabelle. I wish she continues to work with these energies to help many more people.
    Jocelyne, Sainte-Jeanne-d'Arc
Bridging physical and non-physical

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